Career Details

Air Traffic Control Officer – Radar


Air Traffic Control 9

Air Traffic Control

General Manager Air Traffic Services

ATCO Radar

Main scope & function of the job

To provide aerodrome control, approach control and approach radar control at Norwich Airport in accordance with Manual of Air Traffic Services Parts 1 and 2, the Air Navigation Order and the Aerodrome Manual.


The Air Traffic Control Department is situated in the Control Tower on the north side of the Airport and is accessed via the old Norwich Road in Horsham St Faiths.

Supervisory Responsibilities / Decision Making Authority

The post holder will be required to operate and make decisions in accordance with the valid ratings and current unit endorsements contained within their Air Traffic Controllers Licence.

The postholder will be responsible for the supervision of the Air Traffic Services Assistants and for the training of Air Traffic Controllers to unit endorsement standard in accordance with the Unit Training Plan (subject to the holding of an OJTI licence endorsement and being accredited as an OJTI at the unit).

Organisation Chart

General Manager Air Traffic Services

Deputy General Manager Air Traffic Services

Air Traffic Control Unit Training Officer

Air Traffic Control Officer

Air Traffic Control Assistant

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To provide aerodrome control
  2. To provide approach control
  3. To provide approach radar control
  4. To provide flight information services
  5. To formulate and ensure despatch of METARs
  6. To ensure that information is processed and disseminated to relevant departments (both internal and external) however received. e.g.
    1. meteorological information
    2. flight plan information
    3. NOTAMS
    5. any general information relevant to the safe and efficient operation of the ATC department and the Airports’ organisations
  7. To provide supervision of the Air Traffic Control Assistants.
  8. To undertake any other task commensurate with the responsibilities and level of
  9. this post as reasonably requested.

Assignment of / Source of Work

As directed by the General Manager Air Traffic Services, Deputy General Manager Air Traffic Services or the Training Officer.

As detailed in the MATS Part 2 and the Aerodrome Manual.

39 hours per week averaged over a twelve month period.

Contacts and Relationships


  • Fire Service
  • Airfield Operations
  • Ground Operations
  • Tels
  • Facilities Manager
  • Information Desk
  • Security
  • Maintenance


  • Swanwick (Mil)
  • London ACC
  • Scottish ACC
  • London Terminal Control
  • Adjacent ATC Units
  • Aircraft Operators
  • Airport/Airfield Operators
  • Military Authorities
  • Meteorological Offices
  • Emergency Services
  • Civil Aviation Authority Operational Departments


Qualifications / Education

    1. A current Air Traffic Controller’s Licence issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, containing a current medical certificate and the following valid ratings:
      1. Aerodrome Control Instrument (ADI)
      2. Approach Control Procedural (APP)
      3. Approach Control Surveillance (APS)
    2. A current Certificate of Competence in Meteorological Observing


Preferably 2 years minimum experience as a valid approach radar controller.

Candidates may be considered without an APP rating if no suitable candidate is available.

Specialist Training

May be available if required.

Aptitude / Skills

Experience of working in Class D and Class G airspace preferred.