Norwich International Airport

Environmental Policy

Norwich Airport Limited is aware that its many activities as an aviation business give rise to environmental impacts. Norwich Airport Limited is therefore committed to understand these impacts, and where possible and in the context of sustainable development of the airport, to address and manage such impacts.


Norwich Airport Limited is committed to:

Complying with relevant environmental legislation, regulations and our own corporate standards

Controlling emissions to air, water, land and preventing pollution

Monitoring and Managing noise disturbance

Monitoring and Managing energy, resources and raw material consumption

Assisting passengers, staff and visitors in the use of local public transport facilities and encouraging the use of cycling or car sharing schemes where practicable

Focusing on waste minimisation by introducing techniques to reduce, recover and re-use materials

Informing and educating our employees and business partners on environmental issues relevant to the Airport and highlighting their responsibilities

Communicating / making available our environmental policy to our employees, passengers, business partners, suppliers and the public

Introducing sustainable procurement

Continuously improving our environmental performance

Objectives and targets will be set and reviewed regularly through the Environmental Programme

The Environmental Programme, all associated statutory legislation and any works rules or procedures must be complied with at all times. All employees must understand their responsibilities in maintaining the Environmental Policy.

Andrew Bell
Chief Executive
2 January 2014

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