Norwich International Airport

Apron Hand

Job Title

Apron Hand


Ground Operations

Reports to

Ground Operations Supervisor

Main Scope & Function of the Job

To assist in the provision of Ground Handling Services to aircraft operating to/from or based at Norwich International Airport. To carry out duties in accordance with published procedures and/or airline/operator requirements and general duties in support of airport operations.


The Ground Operations department provides a full range of handling services to aircraft operating into or out of Norwich Airport. Some services are provided in the interest of efficiency and safety, while other services may be requested by airlines/operators and are chargeable.

The main working area for Ground Operations staff is the Apron, the area where most aircraft will be parked and serviced during their stay at the airport.

The Ground Operations department operates a rotating shift pattern 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Apron is used by a number of staff from tenant companies and the overall responsibility for managing a safe and efficient Apron environment rests with the Ground Operations Supervisor on duty.

The environment demands strict compliance by all users with safety procedures and the highest standards of cleanliness with regard to litter and other debris to ensure mandatory safety regulations are complied with.

Supervisory Responsibilities / Decision Making Authority

The postholder reports to the Ground Operations Supervisor.

The postholder has no supervisory responsibilities but may be required to assist newly trained staff in gaining practical experience of routine procedures.

The postholder will be expected to work on their own initiative based on standard published procedures or in the interest of customer service, efficiency or safety.

Organisation Chart

Main Duties & Responsibilities

1. The loading and unloading of baggage, freight, ballast, mail and other items, to and from the aircraft holds and cabin.

2. The driving and operation of ground support equipment used in loading/unloading procedures and associated tasks.

3. Marshalling of aircraft into parking positions.

4. Carry out start-up procedure on aircraft prior to departure.

5. Assemble checked-in baggage ready for conveyance to aircraft and in compliance with DETR Triple 'A' requirements where applicable.

6. The driving and operation of toilet and water servicing equipment used in aircraft servicing.

7. Carry out basic serviceability checks on all ground equipment and vehicles used by the department.

8. Driving minibuses and coaches in providing transport for passengers, crew and tenant companies.

9. Sweeping of apron areas and removal of 'FOD' (Foreign Object Debris) in the interest of cleanliness and safety.

10. Ensure FOD bins are emptied on a regular basis.

11. Carry out minor maintenance works on equipment i.e. greasing, painting.

12. Wash vehicles and other ground equipment.

13. Assist in airport emergency situations in accordance with published Emergency Orders.

14. Carry out aircraft pushback and headset procedures.

15. Carry out powerback procedures.

16. Carry out 'Wingman' / 'Safety Man' procedures.

17. Carry out aircraft chocking and positioning related pax safety equipment.

18. Assist in snow/ice clearance operation as directed.

Contacts & Relationships

Both internal/external formal contacts and relationships are made via the Leading Hand or Ground Operations Supervisor.


Qualifications / education required

  • Good basic standard of education (in particular English and Maths)
  • Must posses current clean driving licence for manual gearbox

Specialist Training Required

  • Security Awareness (training on a regular basis)
  • Security - Triple 'A' Hold Baggage Accounting
  • Fire Safety (training on a regular basis)
  • Fire Extinguishers - full comprehension of emergency procedures
  • Carriage of Dangerous Foods by air
  • Customer Care
  • Operation of forklift
  • Emergency Procedures - MSV Operation
  • Operation of all Ground Service Equipment
  • Marshalling of aircraft
  • Pushback and headset
  • Disabled passenger handling

Any particular aptitude / skill required

  • Outgoing and pleasant personality
  • Good oral, legible written and accurate numerical skills
  • Of smart appearance
  • Ability to work under pressure and adhere to strict deadlines
  • Must be physically fit
  • Must not be colour-blind
  • Good teamwork
  • Flexible and adaptable

Starting salary £12,000 per annum

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