Norwich Airport Fast Facts

Operator Norwich Airport Limited

Norwich International Airport’s majority owner is Regional & City Airports, part of the Rigby Group of companies. More information about Regional & City Airports can be found here: Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council each own a minority interest in the Airport

Managing Director - Richard Pace
Airport Employees - 181

Technical Data

Brief History

1933 – Officially opened in Mousehold.
1967 – Norfolk County Council & Norwich City Council purchased and moved to Horsham St Faith.
1969 – Fuel supply service became operational.
1970 – Customs authority granted approval for the export and import of all types of freight. Later this year a Plessey Radar system was installed.
1971 – Holiday charter flights started and customs granted it Cat. C which meant it became an approved customs airfield.
1987 – Became a limited company. Improved financial position to a point where the company could invest in four extensions to the terminal building.
1999 – New corporate identity launched as Norwich International.
1999 – Caterleisure who has expertise in airport and leisure catering took over the catering and bars.
2000 – NCP won a 21 Year contract for the car parking facilities at the airport.
2001 – Securicor/G4S were awarded a 7 year contract.
2001 – Air BP won the contract to operate the refuelling system.
2004 – Omniport PLC became the majority shareholders with Norwich City Council and Norfolk County Council retaining the remaining interest.
2007 - Passenger numbers reached an all time high of 772,666.
2007 - Airport Development Fee introduced to contribute towards new airport facilities.
2010 - New security contract appointed to Wilson James.
2014 - Airport acquired by Rigby Group PLC. The airport is now part of Regional City Airports.

Airport Land Size: 280 Hectares (Source EEDA report by York Aviation)
Geographical Coordinates: 52 40’33”N 001 16’58” E
Location: 2.5 Miles North of Norwich
Terminal 1
Runways: 1841metres long

Passenger Numbers

Scheduled Traffic 266,372 264,544 255,753
Charter Traffic 84,770 73,724 108,305
Gas Platforms & Domestic Charter 77,037 85,128 101,606
Total Passengers 427,909 423,396 465,664

Catchment Area

1.5 million people within a 90 minute drive of Norwich International Airport. which covers Norfolk, Suffolk and North Cambridgeshire.
Closest Airport 85.5 miles, Stansted. (This is approx 2 hour drive time)

Check In Times

  • Recommend 3 hours prior for charter flights 
  • Recommend 2 hours prior for scheduled flights 
  • NO LATER THAN 1 hour prior


Norwich International introduced the ADF in 2007 to help fund the development of the airport's infrastructure and passenger facilities and to maintain and develop the airport's route network.

The ADF makes an essential contribution to the ongoing sustainability of Norwich International Airport. It is invested directly into both the Airport's facilities and the development of the route network to ensure that Norwich International serves the travel requirements of as many regional travelers as possible.

Over the last few years the ADF has helped investment in the following projects at the airport:

  • Increase in holiday destinations (both summer and winter) and retention of scheduled services
  • Terminal Building extension and refurbishment
  • Flight Information system
  • Main apron upgrades for aircraft parking in front of the terminal
  • State of the art radar equipment
  • Fire training and emergency response facilities and equipment
  • Air traffic control equipment upgrades
  • Security equipment upgrades and replacement