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May - October 2019
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    Fly from Norwich Airport to Alicante, the main city of Spain on the Costa Blanca.

    Currency = Euro

    Norwich Airport offers flights to Alicante on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the whole year. The average temp during the coldest winter month is around 17ºC through to the warmest summer month of around 31° C. The warm summer water temperatures ranging from 22°C to 26°C along the Costa Blanca region and the sandy beaches will provide a relaxed place to soak up the summer sun.

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) have stated that the Costa Blanca has one of the best climates on the planet; which is why the region has attracted holiday makers, those looking for a second home or those looking to make it a permanent home for many years.

    The Costa Blanca offers wonderful scenery throughout with olive groves, orange groves and fields full of almond trees. Take a hike up the many trails that lead into the pine covered mountains or if you just want to relax try finding the secluded coves or enjoy the miles of sandy beaches that stretch the length of the Costa Blanca.

    With over 10 major resorts along the Costa Blanca you should have no trouble finding the perfect place for you. If you are looking for a more active type of holiday, water sports can be found at specialist centres around the resorts.  If you are just looking for a bit of relaxation and want to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle and local cuisine this can usually be found in the old town area of most resorts. Whatever your choice your bespoke holiday to the Costa Blanca can be found.

    There are Zoo’s, Aquariums, Museums to visit and Castles to view. The Costa Blanca area is steeped in history, if you want a more cultural experience this can be found at nearly all of the major destinations or within a short journey away. If its beaches you seek Playa de Levante in Benidorm has a reputation for being one of, if not the best beaches in the Costa Blanca with amenities and bars right on the beach and is surely worth a visit.

    With ease of travel from Norwich Airport to Alicante, the whole of the Costa Blanca region awaits your discovery and you can get started by clicking one of the options.

    Check the latest Alicante Airport departures, arrivals news and updates at http://alicanteairport.guide/.

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    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    Gas PlatformsBHL0930 Landed 11:25Bristow HelicoptersBHL093012:00Landed 11:25
    Gas PlatformsBHL1000 Landed 11:55Bristow HelicoptersBHL100012:00Landed 11:55
    Gas PlatformsBHL0715 Bristow HelicoptersBHL071512:00
    Gas PlatformsHKS2 Landed 12:02CHC Scotia Ltd( EO -00125)HKS212:15Landed 12:02
    Gas PlatformsBHL1100 Bristow HelicoptersBHL110012:15
    IbizaTOM5523 Landed 11:55TUITOM552312:20Landed 11:55
    AlicanteBE4326 Expected 12:40flybeBE432612:55Expected 12:40
    EdinburghLM302 LoganairLM30213:20
    AmsterdamKL1519 KLMKL151913:40
    AberdeenBE7627 Eastern AirwaysBE762715:25
    ExeterBE4305 flybeBE430516:20
    AmsterdamKL1521 KLMKL152116:50
    EdinburghLM306 LoganairLM30617:00
    ManchesterLM578 LoganairLM57817:00
    ManchesterBA4048 British AirwaysBA404817:00
    AberdeenLM016 LoganairLM01617:15
    AberdeenBE7629 Eastern AirwaysBE762918:55
    CorfuTOM5529 TUITOM552920:45
    AberdeenLM018 LoganairLM01820:50
    EdinburghLM308 LoganairLM30820:50
    AmsterdamKL1527 KLMKL152721:10
    To Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    ExeterBE4304 Check-In NowflybeBE430413:30Check-In Now
    CorfuTOM5528 Check-In NowTUITOM552813:35Check-In Now
    EdinburghLM305 LoganairLM30514:05
    AmsterdamKL1520 Check-In NowKLMKL152014:10Check-In Now
    ManchesterLM577 LoganairLM57714:35
    AberdeenBE7626 Eastern AirwaysBE762615:55
    ChrysaorBHL1600 Bristow HelicoptersBHL160016:00
    AlicanteBE4327 flybeBE432716:55
    AmsterdamKL1522 KLMKL152217:20
    AberdeenLM017 LoganairLM01717:45
    EdinburghLM307 LoganairLM30718:00
    AberdeenBE7628 Eastern AirwaysBE762819:25
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    16 or over on date of departure

    All children travelling require a ticket. Child tickets can be obtained from the airports Customer Services Desk.

    Would you like to include Fast Track option? This will allow you to use the dedicated Fast Track lane to security.

    Complimentary Fast Track is available to customers travelling with

    • KLM Business Class, Platinum Elite, Gold Elite and Skippers.
    • Loganair W Class
    Please select "NO" to continue without Fast Track and collect your complimentary Fast Track ticket from the airport Customer Services Desk.

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