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May - October

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    Fly from Norwich Airport to Gran Canaria.

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    Norwich Airport offers flights to Gran Canaria from May through to October on every Monday.

    Gran Canaria is the second most populated island of the Canary Islands owned by Spain. The warm temperatures the whole year around attract tourists from all over the world at all times of the year with the coolest month average temperature about 15ºC. The average high during the warmest month is about 28ºC. The sea around the Canary Islands maintains a warm temperature with averages ranging from 19ºC to 23ºC. The constant warm water temperature attracts a lot of water sports fans or those looking to try scuba diving for the first time.

    Gran Canaria offers a range of activities for all kinds of travellers. There are many water sports centres around the islands where you can try your hand at wind surfing, water skiing, jet skiing, para sailing, snorkelling or scuba diving. There are a few centres that cater not only for the experienced scuba diver but for the first-time scuba diver, and with over 230kms of coastline there is plenty to explore in the safe hands of the instructor.

    If you are a golfer, then why not take advantage of one of the 8 well maintained golf courses that are situated around Gran Canaria soaking up the sun as you make your way to the 19th hole. If relaxation is your choice then try one of the modern Spas where they cater for the wellness of the body and mind, using locally grown products such as Aloe-Vera.

    Of course, you can try other activities on land such as mountain biking, hiking or hill climbing and all the equipment can be hired from the local centres around the island.

    If your holiday is about doing nothing more than relaxing in the warm sun then why not make use of the countless sandy beaches dotted all around the Island. Some of the beaches are used by lots of holiday makers and these beaches tend to have good amenities and cafes or restaurants on hand. If more secluded beaches appeal to you then pack your beach bag and head out to find some patches of sand where you may not see another person the whole day.

    In the evenings or early afternoon try heading back into the towns and experience the wonderful culture and friendliness of the locals and sample some of the great food and drink on offer whilst you sit down and watch the close of the day roll in.

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