Lake Garda

01 October 2017
Resort based, touring and cruise options available
01 October 2017
Resort based, touring and cruise options available

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    Fly from Norwich Airport to Lake Garda, Italy.

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    Norwich Airport offers flights to Lake Garda, Italy on 1st October 2017 and 20th June 2018.

    Lake Garda is situated in the Northern Part of Italy close to the Alps between Milan and Verona. It is the biggest of the lakes in Italy. It has been a very popular destination for the traveller for a long-time due to its wonderful climate and spectacular scenery.

    The average temperatures around Lake Garda in October are about 13ºC which is considerably cooler than the warmer summer months at the lake. These lower temperatures make exploring the lake and the surrounding countryside perfect.

    Lake Garda take its name from one of the towns that sits on its shores.  Garda is a small historic town with a small population, but it has had some notable guests staying at villa San Vigilio. These include Tsar Alexander, Winston Churchill, Laurence Olivier and members of the British royal family.

    There is no better way to travel around Lake Garda than by taking a boat from one location to another. As you travel around the lake on a boat you will get some amazing views of shore side mansions and you will see numerous small castles overlooking the lake.

    In the Northern part of Lake Garda, you will find the small island Isola del Garda where in 1220 St. Francis of Assisi built a monastery. The monastery no longer stands there, but in its place, is the 19th century Venetian neogothic Villa Borghese Cavazza. The island is privately owned by the Cavazza family but has been opened to the public.

    If you fancy something a little more adrenalin packed then take a day trip to Gardaland resort. Gardaland is a high-octane adventure fuelled theme park set amidst amazing scenery. With rides to rival the best theme parks in Europe it has become a very popular destination not only for travellers but for the Italians as well. There is plenty to do if you don’t want to venture onto some of the more extreme rides and there is also an Gardaland Aquarium which houses over 5000 amazing species.

    The beauty and Majesty of Lake Garda can be yours by clicking the link above.

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