Neapolitan Riviera

  • 10 June & 16 September 2017
  • Resort based, touring and cruise options available

Airlines and Tour Operators flying to Neapolitan Riviera

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  • Arrivals & Departures
    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    AberdeenT3723 CancelledEastern AirwaysT372309:55Cancelled
    Gas PlatformsBHL0845 Landed 11:04Bristow HelicoptersBHL084509:55Landed 11:04
    Gas PlatformsBHL Landed 11:00Bristow HelicoptersBHL10:20Landed 11:00
    Gas PlatformsBHL1000 Bristow HelicoptersBHL100011:15
    Gas PlatformsBON8 BabcockBON811:30
    ExeterBE587 flybeBE58713:15
    AmsterdamKL1507 KLMKL150713:35
    MalagaBE4316 Estimating 16:25flybeBE431614:05Estimating 16:25
    AberdeenBM1314 bmi regionalBM131415:15
    AmsterdamKL1511 KLMKL151116:45
    EdinburghBE6606 flybeBE660616:50
    AberdeenT3727 Eastern AirwaysT372717:30
    ManchesterBE6876 flybeBE687617:45
    TenerifeST1951 GermaniaST195118:35
    AberdeenBM1316 bmi regionalBM131618:55
    EdinburghBE6608 flybeBE660820:45
    AberdeenT3729 Eastern AirwaysT372921:05
    AmsterdamKL1515 KLMKL151521:10
    ManchesterBE6878 flybeBE687821:20
    To Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1130 Go to DeparturesBristow HelicoptersBHL113012:30Go to Departures
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1200 Check-In NowBristow HelicoptersBHL120013:00Check-In Now
    EdinburghBE6605 Check-In NowflybeBE660513:35Check-In Now
    AberdeenT3726 Eastern AirwaysT372614:00
    AmsterdamKL1508 KLMKL150814:10
    MalagaBE4317 Estimated 16:55flybeBE431714:45Estimated 16:55
    ManchesterBE6875 flybeBE687514:50
    ENGIE UKBHL1400 Bristow HelicoptersBHL140015:00
    ENGIE UKBHL1415 Bristow HelicoptersBHL141515:15
    ExeterBE588 Estimated 16:30flybeBE58815:20Estimated 16:30
    AberdeenBM1315 bmi regionalBM131516:00
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1530 Bristow HelicoptersBHL153016:30
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1530 Bristow HelicoptersBHL153016:30
    AmsterdamKL1512 KLMKL151217:20
    EdinburghBE6607 flybeBE660717:30
    AberdeenT3728 Eastern AirwaysT372818:00
    ManchesterBE6877 flybeBE687718:20
    ENGIE UKBHL1800 Bristow HelicoptersBHL180019:00
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1800 Bristow HelicoptersBHL180019:00
    AberdeenBM1317 bmi regionalBM131719:20
  • Airport Development Fee

    16 or over on date of departure

    2 - 15 on date of departure

    Would you like to include Fast Track option? This will allow you to use the dedicated Fast Track lane to security.

    Complimentary Fast Track is available to customers travelling with

    • KLM Business Class, Platinum Elite, Gold Elite and Skippers.
    • BMI regional in J, C, D, Y, B or M class.
    Please select "NO" to continue without Fast Track and collect your complimentary Fast Track ticket from the airport Customer Services Desk.

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