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Air Traffic Services Manager





A vacancy for the post of Air Traffic Services Manager has become available.

Applications are invited from persons who believe they can fulfil the duties and responsibilities of this post and have the necessary skills required.



Accountable to the Operations Director for the management of Air Traffic Services (ATS). 


  • To take a supervisory and safety oversight of the ATS provision to ensure that the ATS is compliant with the requirements of EASA regulations, CAP 670 and the Manual of Air Traffic Services (MATS) Part One
  • To be responsible to Operations Director for the routine day to day safe and proper provision of air traffic control services, as detailed in MATS Parts 1 and 2, for aircraft operating in and out of the Airport
  • To develop and maintain the Safety Management System within ATS, aligned to the Company/Airport SMS
  • In conjunction with the Operations Director, to ensure that the ATS business plan has sufficient resources to ensure compliance with the Company policies
  • To manage all ATS personnel in accordance with Company policy
  • To be responsible for ensuring that all ATS personnel are suitably qualified, trained and assessed as competent to carry out required tasks and duties
  • To take a leadership role in the promotion of safety and the aviation safety management system and ensure safety does not become subordinate to financial matters
  • To ensure that best practice operational and engineering standards, rules and procedures are agreed and implemented across ATS
  • To promulgate operational safety policy to ensure that ATS complies with the necessary legislative and regulatory requirements
  • To ensure that any aviation related incident is reported appropriately and investigated in accordance with published procedures
  • To ensure that controlled documents are maintained in accordance with Company Policy, including all data displays, information, documentation and aviation publications
  • To ensure that equipment outage and its return to service, is conducted in a safe and appropriate fashion in accordance with Company Policy
  • To deliver compliance assurance, to ensure suitable training is taking place and robust records are maintained in line with legal and operational requirements
  • To monitor all working practices within the area of responsibility in relation to Health & Safety + Environmental (H&S+E) requirements, ensuring that all staff act in a safe manner
  • To be responsible for the accuracy, compliance and content of the Manual of Air Traffic Services (MATS) Part 2 and provide oversight of all related amendments and supplementary instructions
  • To ensure that all duties and responsibilities commensurate with the role, and as detailed in the Aerodrome Manual and associated CIMS documents, are discharged with compliance and due diligence
  • To carry out such other (extraneous) responsibilities and duties as directed/delegated by the Operations Director



  • Experience as a practising Air Traffic Controller.
  • Experience in a managerial capacity in an ATC environment.


  • A current valid Air Traffic Controller’s Licence issued by CAA is desirable, which includes a current medical certificate.
  • Valid aerodrome control and approach radar control ratings.

If you are interested in applying for this vacancy please complete the application form and forward to the Human Resources Department at Norwich Airport.

Download Application Form and Email Human Resources

Closing date for applications is Wednesday 20 June 2018