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    From Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    AmsterdamKL1505 KLMKL150508:50
    ManchesterBE6872 flybeBE687209:45
    AberdeenT3723 Eastern AirwaysT372309:55
    IbizaTOM5523 Thomson AirwaysTOM552312:20
    AlicanteBE4326 flybeBE432612:50
    JerseyBE6616 flybeBE661613:10
    AmsterdamKL1507 KLMKL150713:40
    EdinburghBE6602 flybeBE660213:55
    To Airline Flight Scheduled Status
    IbizaTOM5522 Departed 06:07Thomson AirwaysTOM552206:00Departed 06:07
    AmsterdamKL1502 Go to departuresKLMKL150206:15Go to departures
    AberdeenT3722 Go to DeparturesEastern AirwaysT372206:45Go to Departures
    ConocoPhillipsBHL0645 Go to DeparturesBristow HelicoptersBHL064506:45Go to Departures
    ConocoPhillipsBHL0645 Go to DeparturesBristow HelicoptersBHL064506:45Go to Departures
    ManchesterBE6871 Go to DeparturesflybeBE687106:50Go to Departures
    Gas PlatformsBHL0655 Check-In NowBristow HelicoptersBHL065506:55Check-In Now
    EdinburghBE6601 Check-In NowflybeBE660107:00Check-In Now
    ENGIE UKBHL0700 Check-In NowBristow HelicoptersBHL070007:00Check-In Now
    Gas PlatformsBHL0715 Check-In NowBristow HelicoptersBHL071507:15Check-In Now
    Gas PlatformsBHL0735 Check-In NowBristow HelicoptersBHL073507:35Check-In Now
    Gas PlatformsBHL0915 Bristow HelicoptersBHL091509:15
    AmsterdamKL1506 KLMKL150609:20
    Gas PlatformsBHL1030 Bristow HelicoptersBHL103010:30
    ENGIE UKBHL1030 Bristow HelicoptersBHL103010:30
    JerseyBE6615 flybeBE661510:45
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1100 Bristow HelicoptersBHL110011:00
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1200 Bristow HelicoptersBHL120012:00
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1300 Bristow HelicoptersBHL130013:00
    ExeterBE4304 flybeBE430413:20
    CorfuTOM5528 Thomson AirwaysTOM552813:35
    EdinburghBE6605 flybeBE660513:45
    AberdeenT3726 Eastern AirwaysT372614:00
    AmsterdamKL1508 KLMKL150814:10
    ManchesterBE6875 flybeBE687514:40
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1600 Bristow HelicoptersBHL160016:00
  • Airport Development Fee

    16 or over on date of departure

    2 - 15 on date of departure

    Would you like to include Fast Track option? This will allow you to use the dedicated Fast Track lane to security.

    Complimentary Fast Track is available to customers travelling with

    • KLM Business Class, Platinum Elite, Gold Elite and Skippers.
    • BMI regional in J, C, D, Y, B or M class.
    Please select "NO" to continue without Fast Track and collect your complimentary Fast Track ticket from the airport Customer Services Desk.

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