Airport hosts artist pop up project

Norwich Airport host artist pop up project

Norwich Airport are supporting LACE(Live Art Collective East) a group of artists living and working in the East of England to present a series of artworks for members of the public to discover and experience whilst moving through the airport, waiting to meet someone, going on holiday or plane spotting.

The artists have been working with Norwich airport to develop ideas and have designed specially made artworks including a transparent security bag containing things to make and do and performing as a special arrivals welcoming party for passengers arriving into Norwich.

Like a ‘lucky dip’ the options are contained in a bag for people to dip into, some have things to make while others invite a social media action.  The public are invited to choose from a wide variety including:

Shrink Wrap:

Reduced baggage allowance. How many clothes can you fit on the doll?

Paper figure complete with clothes with tabs. Instructions to dress the figure with everything in the box. Tweet/Facebook images #lshrinkwrap

Luggage Crufts:

You’re the judge. There’s only one winner. Tweet it to #luggagecrufts

A red ‘winner’ rosette is to be awarded to an item of luggage deemed best in show.

Pulse in flight:

How does your heart beat above the earth?

Instructions on how to take your pulse whilst in flight and what it means to you.

Air Bag:

Fun and practical things to do with your ziplock bag.

Black and white photos of the bag being used in a different way.

Participating artists are: Abi Cunliffe; Holly Darton; Dot Howard; Che Kevlin; Vicki Weitz; Caroline Wright. 

The project is supported by a research grant from Arts Council England, the artists are working in partnership with Norwich Airport, to develop temporary art inspired by the places of the airport to engage airport users in a variety of ways.

About Live Art Collective East: Drawn from a membership of nine artists they have developed and presented projects together from a large-scale outdoor performance on a Norfolk Beach to a pop up café in Cambridge and mass participation hopscotch for the 2012 London Olympics in Colchester.  For more info: www.liveartcollectiveeast.com