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    Fly direct from Norwich Airport to Faro, Faro is a Portuguese City in the Algarve region of Portugal.

    Currency = Euro

    Faro is a city situated on the southern part of Portugal. its climate has mild winters with the average temperature during the coolest month being around 8ºC. In the summer the during the warmest summer month the average temperature is around 29ºC. The temperature has been known to reach in to the low 40’sºC during the summer. The water temperature during the warmer summer months can be around 23ºC on average.

    Faro is steeped in history and has many great cultural sites to see and attracts some travellers for its wonderful beach holidays. Faro whilst not as popular as some of the other Portuguese destinations do not lack for anything the traveller may wish and may offer slightly more for your Euro than other destinations. Faro being slightly off the tourist trail means it never feels over crowded during the summer months. This allows the traveller to find numerous places to stop, relax and soak up the wonderful ambience.

    On the unique cultural experiences Faro offers one like no other city, it is a macabre experience that must be taken to be believed. Take a trip to the Capela Dos Ossos (the bone chapel). In this chapel the bones of the overcrowded cemeteries where used to the line the walls of the small chapel giving it a truly unique look, not dissimilar to an ossuary but still not the same.

    Faro like many historic Mediterranean ports has a walled old town that is picturesque. Whilst the new developed areas cater for the traveller with a variety of shopping areas lined with cafes and restaurants.

    Faro is situated on the edge of the Ria Formosa national park. The park is a series of saltwater lagoons which attract migratory birds and other wildlife but mixed within this area three sandbar islands which provide Faro with some of the most unspoilt and least developed beaches in the Algarve. Perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. The sandbar beaches are easy to get to as a ferry service is operated to the sandbar beaches. If the traveller wants, they can get a boat tour found in the harbour to take you around the Ria Formosa National park.

    Experience the tranquillity of Faro by clicking on the link provided.

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