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    Malta is an Island sitting in the southern part of the Mediterranean Sea and has a truly Mediterranean climate. During the warmer summer months, the average temperature for the warmest month is around 32°C and during the coolest month the temperature on average is around 9°C. The water temperature also reflects the warm climate with summer water temperatures rising to summer highs of 28°C.

    Malta due to its location in the Mediterranean Sea has been subject to many hostile take overs and as such the history and architecture of Malta is wide and varied. There have been people living on the island of Malta since 5200BC. One of the main historical attractions on Malta are the megalithic temples. Some of these temples date back as far 3600BC.

    The capital of Malta is called Valletta which is the smallest European Capital city, was founded in 1565 by the order of St John. It was used as a refuge for knights and soldiers from the crusades. Valletta sits on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea with the old city walls being a prominent feature. Valletta is covered in Baroque architecture and one of the finest examples is Saint John’s Cathedral. The cathedral has a painted ceiling and side walls depicting the life of Saint John the Baptist however the main reason travellers come to the cathedral is due to its housing of Caravaggio’s painting ‘Beheading of St. John the Baptist’.

    The Mediterranean Seas around Malta are famous for attracting scuba divers of all levels. The waters are clear and calm which make the area perfect for beginner divers. There are more challenging dives available for the more experienced divers. If scuba diving is something you enjoy or have always wanted to try, then there are plenty of diving schools that offer a variety of diving courses.

    Visiting Malta wouldn’t be complete without sampling the local cuisine and experiencing the vibrant and colourful culture. Take a trip to one of the local eateries and sample some of the rustic food on offer which is a mix of many different cultures. Malta also has a fine selection of restaurant and bars where fine dining or a more relaxed environment can be found. The local vineyards also have guided tours and tastings which are easy to book.

    Experience all Malta has to offer by simply clicking the link provided.

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