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    Fly from Norwich Airport to Paphos Cyprus

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    Norwich Airport offers flights to Paphos from May through to September flying every Thursday allowing the traveller to arrive for the weekend.

    Paphos has been selected as the European capital of culture in 2017.

    Paphos is situated in the Southwest of Cyprus. Paphos has mild winters with the average temperature during the coolest month about 12ºC and during the summer the average highs of 26ºC can be seen during the warmest month, however temperatures can regularly reach into the 30ºC’s during the summer months. As Paphos sits in the Mediterranean Sea the water temperatures never drop too cold and the temperature ranges from 15ºC to 25ºC. Many swimmers can be seen in the sea in the evenings near to Paphos harbour.

    One of the key structures in Paphos can be seen at the harbour entrance, Paphos castle. The castle has had a very dramatic history and has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. The first time it was built in the 12th century it was destroyed by a large earthquake in 1222. The second time it was built was in the 13th century and this time it lasted longer before it was dismantled by the Venetians in 1570 as they lost control of Paphos. It has since been rebuilt and is often a focal point of celebrations on the harbour front.

    Paphos harbour is a very active place during the day, with many excursions being run from here. You can board a glass bottomed boat which will take you out along the coast to view all the underwater life Cyprus offers or a boat can take you out to watch for turtles. If you are more adventurous, you can board a Pirate ship, which cruises along the coast playing sea shanties encouraging you to let your inner pirate out. There are also numerous boat hires, jet ski hires, paragliding or inflatable rides to be had in the harbour or nearby.

    During the evening, the harbour area becomes the main destination of locals and tourists alike and the many restaurants offer freshly caught fish as well as more traditional dishes, local wines and some strong local liquors. There are many different types of restaurants to be found just off the harbour area and countless bars offering a taste of the Mediterranean night life.

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    AberdeenBE7623 Eastern AirwaysBE762309:55
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    AberdeenBM1311 bmi regionalBM131108:40
    ENGIE UKBHL0900 Bristow HelicoptersBHL090009:00
    AmsterdamKL1506 KLMKL150609:30
    Gas PlatformsBHL1030 Bristow HelicoptersBHL103010:30
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1100 Bristow HelicoptersBHL110011:00
    Gas PlatformsBHL1200 Bristow HelicoptersBHL120012:00
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1200 Bristow HelicoptersBHL120012:00
    Gas PlatformsBHL1215 Bristow HelicoptersBHL121512:15
    Gas PlatformsBHL1300 Bristow HelicoptersBHL130013:00
    EdinburghLM305 LoganairLM30513:45
    AberdeenBE7626 Eastern AirwaysBE762613:55
    AberdeenBM1315 bmi regionalBM131514:40
    Glasgow via ManchesterLM575 LoganairLM57514:40
    Glasgow via ManchesterBA4045 British AirwaysBA404514:40
    Gas PlatformsBHL1500 Bristow HelicoptersBHL150015:00
    ConocoPhillipsBHL1515 Bristow HelicoptersBHL151515:15
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