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    Fly from Norwich Airport to Tenerife,

    Currency = Euro.

    Norwich Airport offers direct flights to Tenerife the whole year flying on Sunday allowing the traveller time to settle in before the next weekend. It also offers an additional day to fly on between the months of October to April flying on a Thursday.

    Tenerife is largest of the Canary island and the most inhabited and throughout the whole year around 5 million holiday makers choose to make Tenerife their destination of choice.

    Tenerife has a wonderful climate the year round as you would expect from one of the Canary Islands with the temperature ranging on average between 18ºC in the cooler months to an average of average of 26ºC during the warmer months.

    The sea also has a mild temperature and ranges from around 14ºC during the cooler months to around 21ºC in the warmer months.

    With so many holiday makers visiting Tenerife, it is geared up to give the traveller the best experience for a holiday they can have.

    Take one of the many exciting boat trips that are on offer including trips to go whale and/or dolphin watching. How about taking a luxury sail boat trip crewed by sailors and relax and lay back and watch the Tenerife coastline glide by. You can also hire a motor boat yourself for set periods of time where you can then go off and explore the coastline yourself.

    How about taking a trip to one of the water parks located around Tenerife where you can spend the days zipping through the water tubes.

    Maybe doing something more in tune with nature appeals whilst in Tenerife, if so then take a guided tour to Mount Teide. As you travel through the countryside about the volcano and see its alien looking beauty with the old lave flows covering the land.

    If it’s a cultural escape you seek then try visiting the Museo de la Naturaleza y El Hombre in Santa Cruz. The Museum houses many historic artefacts relating to the history of Tenerife. The museum houses the Guanche Mummies.

    Tenerife is a melting pot of cultures and this is reflected in its cuisine. Try the local food and drink in many of the cafes and restaurants throughout Tenerife or try some more exotic cuisines with numerous restaurants catering for food tastes ranging from traditional through to Japanese.

    Tenerife is waiting to be discovered by clicking the option above.

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